Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things that make me go hmmmmmmm

Hi, I'm alive- in case anyone wondered.

We are on the last days of summer count down....I feel it slipping away-so I've been FORCING myself to slow down and enjoy quiet, slower days. I've said no to things, even if they were fun. Because of it, my kids have been able to play outside for HOURS AND HOURS, run, play in the sprinkler, play with the puppy, make up fun outside games with the neighbors, swim, and it has been priceless.

So- things that make me go hmmmmmmmm (more like grrrrrrr)

1. Dying of thirst after a long walk and going to find someone drank up the last grape low cal Gatorade that I was dying for and didn't put anymore in the fridge. :(

2. Taking my puppy out potty, he goes, we come back in and 5 seconds later he pees on the floor. Hmmmmmm ????

3. The people who let their pet bunny go outside-I assume because they were tired of caring for him and now he is hopping all over their yard looking for food. I put a bunch of our bunny's food in a ziplock and snuck over there and dumped a bunch of food in their yard so he could eat. GRRRRRRR

4. The credit card company that just called me trying to sell identity theft protection-after nicely saying, "No thank you I'm not interested" she kept going on and on and on....and at the end said, "If you have any questions call 1-800-bla bla bla bla...." REALLY why bother to tell the I writing it down- NO ---- do I memorize numbers-----NO!!!! Do I care.......NO!

5. The economy bugs me.

6. I was out shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding and all I could find was either- 1. Grandma dresses with big, ugly flowers and bold prints, or 2. Teenie bopper dresses that were 5 sizes too small, skimpy, and short.

7. Drunk Drivers who drive with their children in the car- drive down the wrong side of the highway and kill themselves and their children. (In the news today)...REALLY BUGS ME!

8. People who ask you a question, you start to answer, and then they start looking away, uninterested, while you are answering them.......why???? Why ask? RUDE!

9. When you put yourself out there-ask for a prayer request to a friend, and they never ask you about it to follow up and act like they care. Hmmmmm

10. I'm a clean freak and have an awesome Dyson has a clear container that catches all the gunk you vac up......I vac 3 or more times a week-yet have to empty the canister every time, because it is FULL of gunk....where does that stuff come from? GROSS!! (Maybe I don't want to know the answer to this question.)

That is good for today- just a few irritations on my mind this morning. :) Happy Wednesday to ya.


HAT said...

Yes! I was wondering if you were still kickin' out there. :) Good to hear an update and keep posting. :) Some major "whys" out there!

Melissa said...

Love this list. We had the puppy thing too. Eventually they get it. Right before you replace the carpet.