Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Updates

Our new pet, Willow is doing great. She has spunk and energy. I like that about a pet. Taking care of people and animals makes me happy. I'm sure that is why I went into the nursing field. Now I take care of kids and animals all day. My husband said we should get our own TLC program: Chuck and Kelly plus Eight (2 kids and 6 pets.)

I'm not sure if my cat wants to be friends or have Willow for lunch? We are being very careful just incase.

Yesterday, I almost drove off of the road trying to swirve and miss a squirrel. It ran right out in front of me. The roads were really snowy and slushy and I slid onto the shoulder of the road and almost spun out. Hope the squirrel appreciates me.

I think it is funny, I'm such a HUGE pet lover yet I'm married to this:

This is my husband and son. We went to Wyoming (where I'm from) for Thanksgiving and went along with my brother in law to watch him hunt for Elk.

If you can't beat em' join em'
I went along too, because I LOVE the outdoors, love the mountains, and love hiking. We saw A LOT of Elk, but couldn't ever get close enough for a shot. (Oh darn.) If they did, I would have just put my fingers in my ears -done the "La La La La...I can't hear you shooting an animal" thing and closed my eyes.
I LOVED IT so much. I love trying to find them in such a wide open space. Looking for tracks. Looking for them through binoculars. I felt like James Bond. Then we would see some from 300 yards away and sneak sneak sneak to where they were. It was so much fun and so EXHAUSTING. We hiked up some big mountains. The Elk totally had the advantage.
They are huge and a beautiful part of God's creation.
Happy Friday and spay or neuter your pet! :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why Volunteering is Bad!

My daughter, Brooklyn and I volunteer each week at the Humane Society. We are HUGE pet lovers. We really enjoy doing this together. We are part of the TLC team there, and we provide lots of love and attention to all of the pets. We take the dogs outside to sniff and on a little walk. We play with the little kittens. We play with the pups. It is so much fun.

It is so heartwarming to go there. The animals are SO HAPPY to see people. They wag their tails, they jump up and down, and when we go into their kennels, they climb all over us and try to get their whole bodies onto our laps. They have so much love and they just want love in return. to why volunteering is bad.

I'm a sucker.

This is Willow. She is only 6 weeks old and was born at the H. Society. Her mom is still there. Brooklyn and I totally fell in love with her. She loves to snuggle. She has been handled a lot so she really enjoys being held. We already have 4 cats and a bird. Oh ...what is just one more pet?

My husband totally approved the purchase. Bless his heart! He understands me and my sickness with animals. Brooklyn and I totally high fived as we drove home with Willow, our new pet.

She completes me. (Until the next time I go volunteer and find another pet I MUST HAVE)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Final Chapter-The Birth Story

Hello and welcome to the final chapter of A Birth Story.

Sorry to have kept you on the edge of your seat (or not.)

I left off at going into labor on July 3. Imagine breathing, epidurals, pain, and a long night, and that gets us to July 4.

Because baby A (my daughter) was positioned correctly in the birth canal (that being head down) I was able to have a natural delivery. Baby B (my son) was breech (is that how you spell that?) but they said not to worry, they could "turn him" in utero. OUCH...but okay, you are the physician. Do what you gotta do!

I gave birth to my daughter first, and she was just so CUTE! I had one second to peek at her, and had to move on to having baby two. Baby boy was breech still so they turned him with a mighty force and it HURT! They did a quick ultrasound to make sure he was in the proper position and then turned to put on new sterile gloves (thanks) and in that short moment of time, he flipped to breech again and came flying out FEET FIRST. He got stuck with his shoulders above his head IN MY BIRTH CANAL (ouch). The whole situation became a huge emergency. They shoved my poor husband out the door, the room became a frenzy of rushing and medical terminology you never want to hear. Being a nurse, I understood every single word they were saying...."call the code team" " call the NICU" I saw the Dr.'s faces and I just knew it was a serious moment. The last thing I remember was calling out to Jesus to save my baby.

I woke up a few hours later in recovery and saw all of my family all around me. I wondered why they would let so many people in my recovery room, and then instantly thought my baby boy had died. I found out that he was alive and doing okay. ALL PRAISE TO GOD.

He had gotten stuck in a dangerous breech position, this was the first time my OB Dr. had delivered a baby in that particular breech position. Her job was to hold the umbilical cord so it would not prolapse and cause brain damage. Another Dr. rushed in and had to break my baby's arm to get him out. He had an apgar score of 2 and had to be intubated at delivery. Meanwhile, I had a HUGE grapefruit size hematoma from all of the trauma. OUCH again. We all stayed in the hospital 5 days. My son was in the NICU the whole time, but my daughter was in the regular nursery and we got to spend a lot of time with her in my room. I went up to see my baby boy as much as I could (but had to go via wheel chair because I could not walk due to the hematoma.)

The twins weights were 6#9 oz (boy) 5#9oz girl- HELLO that is more than12 pounds of baby in there!

I'm thankful every day that God spared my son and that he is now ten years old. Our kids are the best gift God has given us, beyond His salvation.