Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why Volunteering is Bad!

My daughter, Brooklyn and I volunteer each week at the Humane Society. We are HUGE pet lovers. We really enjoy doing this together. We are part of the TLC team there, and we provide lots of love and attention to all of the pets. We take the dogs outside to sniff and on a little walk. We play with the little kittens. We play with the pups. It is so much fun.

It is so heartwarming to go there. The animals are SO HAPPY to see people. They wag their tails, they jump up and down, and when we go into their kennels, they climb all over us and try to get their whole bodies onto our laps. They have so much love and they just want love in return.

Well...now to why volunteering is bad.

I'm a sucker.

This is Willow. She is only 6 weeks old and was born at the H. Society. Her mom is still there. Brooklyn and I totally fell in love with her. She loves to snuggle. She has been handled a lot so she really enjoys being held. We already have 4 cats and a bird. Oh ...what is just one more pet?

My husband totally approved the purchase. Bless his heart! He understands me and my sickness with animals. Brooklyn and I totally high fived as we drove home with Willow, our new pet.

She completes me. (Until the next time I go volunteer and find another pet I MUST HAVE)


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh dear! She IS cute. With a cute name, to boot. People who love animals have the purest hearts.

Amy said...

I LOVE your new pet!! Bunnies make wonderful pets, I have had several throughout my life.

I am going to have to check into volunteering at the Humane Society. My little animal lover would love doing that!!

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