Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Updates

Our new pet, Willow is doing great. She has spunk and energy. I like that about a pet. Taking care of people and animals makes me happy. I'm sure that is why I went into the nursing field. Now I take care of kids and animals all day. My husband said we should get our own TLC program: Chuck and Kelly plus Eight (2 kids and 6 pets.)

I'm not sure if my cat wants to be friends or have Willow for lunch? We are being very careful just incase.

Yesterday, I almost drove off of the road trying to swirve and miss a squirrel. It ran right out in front of me. The roads were really snowy and slushy and I slid onto the shoulder of the road and almost spun out. Hope the squirrel appreciates me.

I think it is funny, I'm such a HUGE pet lover yet I'm married to this:

This is my husband and son. We went to Wyoming (where I'm from) for Thanksgiving and went along with my brother in law to watch him hunt for Elk.

If you can't beat em' join em'
I went along too, because I LOVE the outdoors, love the mountains, and love hiking. We saw A LOT of Elk, but couldn't ever get close enough for a shot. (Oh darn.) If they did, I would have just put my fingers in my ears -done the "La La La La...I can't hear you shooting an animal" thing and closed my eyes.
I LOVED IT so much. I love trying to find them in such a wide open space. Looking for tracks. Looking for them through binoculars. I felt like James Bond. Then we would see some from 300 yards away and sneak sneak sneak to where they were. It was so much fun and so EXHAUSTING. We hiked up some big mountains. The Elk totally had the advantage.
They are huge and a beautiful part of God's creation.
Happy Friday and spay or neuter your pet! :)


Amy Waldron said...

Hello! Found your blog through blog surfing on Kelly's Korner! I admire your love for animals! We just adopted an Australian Cattle Dog (Mix) from the Toledo Humane Society 2 weeks ago. Eli is 6. She was a Christmas gift for our 3 boys! I live in Michigan as well. . .Monroe to be exact! Anyway, Merry Christmas! Check out my blog if you would like to see our beautiful Eli! She is the best!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You know, I'm not a huge animal lover per se, but I cannot understand the whole hunting thing, and my daughter, the gentlest creature, is dating an avid hunter, which just boggles my mind. Anyway, I loved your list at my place today. Never had coffee? Really?! Are you LDS?

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