Monday, January 19, 2009

My Sister

I spent a wonderful and peaceful 8 days in Mexico (Cancun) with my best friend in all the world (my sister) and 4 other friends. My sweet husband stayed home and took the time off of work to be with our kids. My sister's husband did the same. God bless him, because they have NINE CHILDREN. :) (9 great children...but still NINE children.) Our husbands rock, because they totally support our sister relationship.

My sister and I laugh at things that would bore the average person. We find humor in almost every situation. We have the same minds. We would be talking, and I would say a sentence and she would marvel that she was JUST THINKING THE SAME THING. That happened a lot while we were there. I love that.
I'm 42 years old, my sister is 41. So we are very close in age. We have always been close (except turmoil years in high school, when we used to chase each other around the house with sharp objects and when I would sneak clothes out of her closet and wear them to school and she would bust me and chase me down the halls of our high school yelling at me to, "Get it off NOW!") We laugh about those years. I have scars to prove our love. :)
She lives in Wyoming, I live in Michigan. So you know when we get together, it is a TALK FEST. I apologize to the nice couple who we sat next to almost daily (just by accident) on the beach. They probably were hoping for a nice, quiet rest in beach chairs, listening to the sound of the waves splashing...however, what they got was two sisters gabbing NON STOP. I'm sorry!

We had a 80's party in our hotel room (just me and my sister) one night...we had fake microphones and sang to silly songs on our Ipod. MATURE I know...but that is how we do things.

We got up daily at 6 a.m. to exercise. We exercised 6 days while we were there. Is that normal?

We had great quiet time, pondering what God was doing in each of our lives. Thinking through how we wanted our new year to look. Talking through how we could be better mothers and wives. We shared Scripture and things God was showing us.

I'm so blessed to have a sister that knows my heart and loves me for who I am. I adore her, and she is one of God's greatest blessings to me!


HAT said...

Yay! I can comment now! :) Great blogging Auntie. :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I have three older brothers (I just mistyped "bothers," which is actually pretty accurate) and no sisters. What you just described is that I always dreamed of. But my mom used to tell me, "But that's just a dream, and in reality you may have never gotten along well," etc. So, just be even more thankful for that wonderful bond you have. I'm a little envious!

Amy said...

Oh wow!! I know you had a blast!! It makes me smile to hear about the wonderful relationship you have with your sister. I have two sisters and they are the best :-)

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