Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Some days (most days) it is hard for a mom to get peace and quiet. Since we homeschool, I'm with my kids nearly 24/7. It is a blessing and I love it, however,some days, I just want to finish my thoughts. I try to do my Bible study and I get interrupted 10 times. I go to the Y to workout for just an hour and I get 3 cell calls. I dedicate my life to my family, and my kids are very important to me. I know in a few short years, the house will be so quiet, I won't know what to do with myself. I'll have too much time to think. I'll miss the days when there was constant wrestling, requests for things, questions, and stories to tell.

I'm keeping that in mind, when I get frustrated. When the weather is so cold, that we can't venture out much, I am trying to cherish my time with my precious kids. I'm thinking of my new blog friend, Krysta who wants a baby so badly and would LOVE to hear "Mom" a million times a day. It is all about perspective. I'm choosing to have a happy heart and enjoy the interruptions. I'm choosing to respond in a kind way, and to smile and enjoy the ride.

I have a heavy heart today. I've gotten many prayer requests via email today and many of the situations are down right depressing. I'm going to sneak down into our guest room later and spend time with God. I'll take the burdens of these prayer requests to Him and leave them there. Knowing He is in control and will answer them, according to His perfect time and perfect will.

I wonder how many times little hands will knock on the door to ask me a question. How many times to I interrupt what God is doing to ask Him a question and tell Him something. He never grows weary of me or my questions or requests.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You're a very wise mom who has perspective, but that doesn't make the "everyday" less challenging!

Krysta said...

You have such a sweet spirit. The fact that you think about other people wanting to hear all of those things you are talking about, just shows me how sweet you are. The other commenter was right, you do have perspective and that's something that a lot of moms don't have. But being a mom, especially a home schooling mom, has got to be the hardest, but most rewarding job in the world!

Amy said...

I am right there with ya!! I am an introvert so I really crave a little quiet time to myself each day. It doesn't happen because I have a VERY clingy 3 year old that won't even go to the bathroom by himself. Even though it is trying at times I am really trying to cherish every second. I know before too long the kids will be grown and gone.

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