Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Quest for Better Health

I'm on a quest for better health.

I've slowly been making changes in our diet and lifestyle.

I am over 40 now you know. It is TIME!

Whole Wheat bread and flour
Healthy Peanut Butter (good bye creamy, tasty high fructose corn syrup Skippy)
Flax Seed
Purchasing better quality vitamins
Drinking More water
100% Juices (in moderation)
Homemade oatmeal for breakfast with sliced almonds
More exercise (I've kept an exercise log since Feb. and I've personally logged 220 miles of walking.)

I've started seeing a Dr. that is wise in the area of health: I just did a saliva test to check my hormone levels. I had 16 tubes of blood taken to test for everything from Thyroid health, Adrenal health to Cardiac health.

We have gotten rid of all the bad plastics in our house. I tossed out my favorite Nike water bottle!

Started using Organic foods as much as possible.

I'm a label reader. Virgin Olive Oil user, vegetable growing woman now!

My beautiful sister just gave me a NutriMill for a surprise gift. Now I can mill my OWN FLOUR! (Okay, it might help if I could find the wheat berries to actually mill. I'm learning all about this now.)

When you mill your own whole wheat, all the great nutrients are left in, so it is very healthy!

However......I'm a work in progress......I have a vice I can't let go of:

No ones perfect!


Melissa said...

Yay for you with your new blog and your new lifestyle! You will enjoy "meeting" new friends and feeling better all at once! Happy blogging! :)

Amy said...

I am right there with ya :-) I tossed all plastic, we eat organic, drink more water, etc.

How are you liking the NutriMill? I would love to have one!!

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