Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Project Cycle

I can't seem to climb out from under all of the projects!

I saw a show on dust mites and had to take action! I ripped all of the sheets off of all of our beds, vac'd the mattress, washed the sheets, scrubbed walls...along the way to the laundry room I stopped for a drink and see the grime in the fridge, had to Lysol that. On the way to get the Lysol saw crumbs on the floor, had to attack that. Went to the garage to get a screwdriver to fix a closet handle, saw the dust all over the rug and shoes thrown everywhere, had to stop and tackle that project. Walked into the mudroom saw chipped paint on the wall, note to self, "Touch up the paint"......went to get a pad of paper to start a list of notes to self, saw the junk drawer was junky, had to de-clutter......threw away 10 million lifeless pens, 52 erasers, 120 lose staples in the bottom of the drawer that stabbed me every time my fingers ran across them.Went to grab the garbage can for quicker disposal of junk, saw the garbage can was filthy, had to stop and Lysol out the garbage can.....went to grab the Lysol...and well you can see my crisis.....

The projects never end! NEVER! Is there such a thing as project A.D.D. ? I can't stay on task.......

For now, my dust mites are dead and the Lysol company can pass on the bail out, I keep them in business.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


HAT said...

Happy projecting. :) Don't run yourself too ragged!

Amy said...

Oh my I can so relate!!! The past few months I too think I have developed ADD. I will go to do one thing only to get side tracked by something else. That happens ALL the time!!!

Just the other day I was going to do something and got side tracked. My husband noticed and jokingly said to know they have medication for that. lol

Oh, and once you get your house all cleaned come on down and you can do mine :-) Once school is over I am going to get much that needs to be done!!!

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