Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pet Rescue

So, every day (usually) I have this 4 mile walk outside that I is all out in the country. I drive my car to the starting point and take off from there. I love it, it is really peaceful and quiet.

I passed this house that had a bunny cage with a cute little black and white bunny in it. The cage was just propped up against their shed, with NO PROTECTION at all for the bunny from the sun or rain. Just a cage. NICE!! So, it started to sprinkle on my walk today, I barely made it back to the car before the rain started pouring down. I drove home upset, thinking about that poor bunny. I got home, did a few things, kept thinking of the bunny. Finally, I swear God pulled me up off of the couch and gave me the idea to ACT!!! I told my kids about the bunny and they said "Lets do something" I grabbed a tarp we had in the garage and clothes pins and we jumped in the car, drove to the house- I got out in the pouring rain and put the tarp over the bunny (who was SOAKED!!!!!!!!) (GRRRRRR!!!) and pinned the sides down really well with clothes pins. It worked GREAT. I didn't even care if someone from the house came out or saw me (they didn't).....then I drove away!

Why are people such IDIOTS??? That is so mean! I walk by there almost daily, so I'll be monitoring the bunny!!!!!!!!! I feel so much better knowing it has protection, at least for now. Wonder what they people will think when they come out and see the tarp? I HOPE THEY ARE CONVICTED!!!!

In other news.......I started a reading program for the summer for my kids. It isn't summer yet, but why not start now? They LOVE to read and they need to keep busy all summer and have a way to earn some money. I told them for every chapter book (approved by me) they read they get $1.00.....every third book they read, I get to pick. I'll have them read Heroes of the Faith books or biographies, or classic stuff. They are really good with their money, they tithe off the top and then usually put it right into the bank. There are a few small things they each have been wanting to buy so this gives them the chance to earn some money-and read a bunch at the same time.

We just started this on Monday and I already think I'll need to appeal to Congress for a bailout, because at the rate they are going already, I'll be broke. They stay up late into the night reading, and constantly say, "I LOVE this book" which makes me so happy! My daughter has already read 5 big chapter books and is on her 6th one IN ONE WEEK, and my son is on his 5th book. The books I chose for them were Joan of Arc and The Revolutionary War (Landmark books).

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