Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Orange Dork Suit

The 5-K was a huge hit. The rain stayed far away and it was such a fun night. This is my son who did the 5-K in 29 minutes and won 2nd place in his age group. Might I add he had no training schedule for weeks leading up to the 5-K, he just put on his running shoes and did it cold turkey last night. NO FAIR!

I saved a child's life at the 5-K, good thing I was there. I put a band aid on his scrapped knee....still, he might have bled to death if I wouldn't have used my skills to help him. Beyond that we had no major medical mishaps.

I forgot all about getting my picture taken in my dork orange suit....I was busy saving lives people, I didn't have time for silly pictures...however, don't be sad! In the above picture if you look behind my son you will see a bright orange glowing person (a fellow worker). Don't stare at the picture for too long you might burn your retinas. But you get the idea of the dork-ness factor.

Here is a picture of the kids running in a 100 meter race

I think this next picture is so funny- my husband better not quit his day job to become a photographer. Here is my nice arm in the picture of my son crossing the finish line- I was trying to high five him.

Finally, my kids often hijack my camera and when I try to upload pictures onto my computer from the memory card I find surprises like these:

She deserves having this pictures put in the public forum for all the world to see. :)

In closing, my husband and son have been downstairs for two hours trying to learn the Axle Foley song from Beverly Hills Cop on our keyboard. They found it on YouTube and now are obsessed with learning it. They are getting close! We live an exciting life around here don't we?


HAT said...

Oh boy... Love your stories! B is so funny. Don't you wonder what inspired her to create faces like that and pose for a camera? :) Have a great weekend! Glad you were at the race to save lives. I'm sure the kid is sure that his life was truly spared by your aid!

Amy said...

Congrats to him for finishing 2nd!!

Love those pictures of B being silly. They are too cute!!

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