Tuesday, May 12, 2009

VICTORY! One small step for animals!


This is an update from my last post about the pet rescue-bunny saga.

I went out on my 4 mile walk this a.m. (my husband teases me now that I'm not walking for exercise-I'm going out on PATROL) I checked on my new bunny friend-after I left a NICE note on the owner's door last week asking them very very nicely to please find some protection for the bunny in his cage, and letting them know they could buy an attached food dish that screws into the cage so the bunny wouldn't tip his food and not have any to eat all day. I was as nice as I possibly could be in the note, I figured I would get more reaction with being nice and supportive rather than being rude (which I sort of wanted to be!)

So, today was my first patrol since the note- and VICTORY...the bunny had an even nicer-bigger cage, an attached food dish filled with food, a new little house inside his cage where he could go for protection and safety, and a big tarp and board over the top of the cage to protect him from sun and weather. AWESOME!!!!! I giggled like a school girl! I just felt so happy and such satisfaction. I thanked God because I have been praying all week that the owners would have compassion and respond to the note in a positive way and they totally did.

One small step for animals- we can't fix every problem in the world, but if we just do ONE THING, SOMETHING, it really really makes a difference. That was the lesson I learned after all of this.

I feel like Mother Nature when I go out on my "patrols"....I pass a ton of different animals when I walk (since I'm walking out in the country)....they are used to seeing me, since I go almost daily. Three horses come running towards the fence when I walk by, I always tell them Hi, a cute cat greets me each time, a very cute dog comes and gives me licks and lets me pet him, a mom cow and its baby, and of course the bunny. :)

It made me think- what if we all had our 4 miles to patrol daily- to check it out, keep it clean, protect animals and help others along the way. I'm sure the world would be a better place.

:) As for today, I'm pleased and thrilled. Next up, my kids and I have our eye on a nest of four baby Robins, one already fell out of the nest and my daughter saw it and put it back in the nest...they are really small still and have no feathers, so they aren't ready to leave their home. They are right under our second story deck so we have a clear shot out our sliding glass door downstairs. It is really fun to watch the mom Robin come back with worms and see their little heads pop up for food.


HAT said...

"One small step for animals, one large joy for Kelly!"
I'm glad that the owners decided to take the note's advice and give their bunny a nicer place to live. Don't you know they are probably wondering who on earth left the note???

Traci said...

You are a modern day Snow White!

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