Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Report

How can it be Friday again already? I wonder why it is that when you are a kid time goes V E R Y slowwwwww and when you are an adult...time goes VERY FAST!

Life can slow down already.

So it is Friday- everyone loves Friday. Our church is having a big 5-K event tonight. They have fun things for kids and a 100 meter kid race. Usually I WOG (walk/jog) in the 5-K but this year I'm "working" by carrying the medical radio. (I'm a nurse) so they position us throughout the course and we wear BIG BRIGHT ORANGE VESTS..that you can see from a mile away- they say MEDICAL on it ! We have cool ear pieces that make me feel like I'm in the FBI or CIA....or secret service. Very cool! We all communicate to each other during the race and respond to any medical needs. (Hopefully there are none!) Anyway, so no wogging for me tonight...I already did my 4 miles this a.m. so I'm good. I can indulge in a hot dog or two guilt free! :) Now, we are just praying the rain holds off for us!

Maybe I'll surprise all 7 of you and have my kids take a picture of me in my BRIGHT ORANGE DORK OUTFIT tonight. :)

So the nurse thing...yea, I am an RN...but I haven't worked officially in about 5 years. When I did, I worked at one of our local hospitals on the cardiac floor. I worked nights 7 p.m.- 7 a.m. that about killed me! I only worked per diem- one shift a week, once my kids were born, but when I did work, I'd have to stay up all day to care for my kids, work all night, and then come home and stay up all day to for my kids. I used to be so tired, it took me the whole week to recover from that crazy shift. One time I was so tired after working all night and being up so long, I was giving my kids, who were babies at the time, baths..and I looked down and daughter was in the tub with her socks and diaper on. I was too tired to realize it. Not good!!!! I was scary back then. One time I fell asleep as I was waiting behind a school bus who was picking up kids in front of me-on my drive back home from work.

I keep my license current, just in never know. I doubt I'll go back to ICU or cardiac nursing-too intense and stressful, but Hospice nursing sounds like something I'd be good at-if my emotions could hack it (my husband thinks not). But for now, I'm thrilled to be a stay at home mom, and I use my nursing skills on the medical response team at church and at events like the 5-K. Good enough! Plus, it comes in handy when I have a sick kid, puking cat, or injured husband.

Happy Friday......God bless any of you who come back here more than once...I ramble so much, I feel sorry for you. :)


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Yes, a pic in the orange would be great! What a neat thing to have a profession that you can use to help others in so many venues. With me, it's not like anyone suddenly needs emergency copies made! (Even though my boss acts like it's an emergency sometimes.)

Renee said...

these posts are what make me love you!!! ;)

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