Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogging Rambles

Well, just as I predicted, I would have a hard time getting over to the blog to update. (I'm really not sure who I'm updating, because there are only 3 readers.) :)

Homeschooling is an awesome gift, however, takes diligence and work! This is our 6th year, and it is going really well. I have to really focus on keep our mornings open for SCHOOL ONLY...or we get carried away with other things, and don't do the job we should with our school. I don't answer the phone in the mornings, which helps, and I try and sit near my kids so I'm available to help them. In the past, I would find myself doing jobs around the house and then getting frustrated when they yelled out, "Mom I need help". I need the mornings to be all about them and school, and if I get chores around the house done, great, if not....they are my priority.

Trying to fit exercise in every week is a challenge. I make a point to get up and get my workout clothes on, so I'm ready to run out the door the minute we are done with school (at 1 ish)....then I'm home by 2:30 and hop in the shower...but by then it is 3:30 or so, and the day is 1/2 over. My husband comes home at 5:30 and we eat dinner. He works with the kids on whatever they missed on math during their lesson in the a.m. and then we read or play a game, and they are off to bed. The day goes SO FAST!

Tonight my daughter starts basketball practice, so we add that into our already FULL and busy schedule. But, she really really wanted to play, so I'm happy to cram it in. Tonight, after basketball I have to drop the kids off at our neighbor's church, where they will attend a Harvest party....whew!

I guess this is the season of life we are in.....busy and full lives. It is all good. I'm happy we have such great things to do, and happy I have good energy to do them all. If I didn't exercise, I'd be a slug and have no energy to keep up with my kids and our busy lives.

Finally.......I'm really enjoying BSF this year. BSF is Bible Study Fellowship. We have been a part of this for 9 years. I've been teaching the children in the children's program for 3 years. This year we are studying the life of Moses. I have 16 little 1st and 2nd graders in my BSF class this year. I adore them all. They are so excited to learn! My kids have been in BSF since they were 2 years old (they are 10 now.) I'm so very thankful for all they learn each week. We study the Bible together, and this year they are able to work on their homework on their own. It is teaching them to have a daily time in God's Word. I love that.

So, those are my rambles. Is anyone out there........reading my rambles?
Happy Fall!


Amy said...

::::waving:::: I am here....I enjoy reading your blog :-) But I know what you mean. I feel the same about mine. I feel like I am "talking" to 2 people lol

Home schooling does take A LOT of work....but oh so worth it!! It is hard to get it all done. I am right there with ya :-)

Things are crazy busy here too. Yesterday as I was making dinner I realized that was still in my pj's. I had been so busy that I forgot to change clothes lol

Even through all the chaos I try to savor every moment because I know it is all going by WAY too quickly. I am already dreading the day when the kids will be grown and gone. I know I am going to miss those crazy busy days :-)

Renee said...

I am reading too;) Just a little behind! I have actually been a really bad blogger all around and have been using facebook for my connections, but I miss writing a bit. I have so many posts running around in my head;)
I feel ya with the mornings. this is the first year where I am really treating it like I am NOT in the house, or I guess I should say *a job*. We have had a pretty good 10 weeks so far, but insane too! I turn around and its 4pm! Keep your posts coming!!
Love you!!!