Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Running like the wind.

Lately I've felt like I've been running like the wind in life. There is always so much to do. I'm a perfectionist, so I always struggle with needing everything to be in its place, having a clean house, being caught up with laundry, serving healthy meals to my family, exercising, and on and on it goes. I place impossible standards on myself, and it drives me nuts. At least I'm aware of it, right?

I'm such a freak that I'm already buying Christmas gifts. I just hate for Christmas to sneak up on me, and for me to rush rush rush through the season and not be able to enjoy it and celebrate the reason we celebrate. We take 2-3 weeks off from our homeschooling in December, so I don't want to be out shopping with all the crazy people and crowds. I'd rather be at home, with a fire in the fireplace, reading to the kids.

It is hard to balance life and be a good wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter in-law, servant of the Most High God, and on and on the list goes.

I want to make the most of my days, and use my time wisely. Sometimes I just want to STOP being productive and just BE STILL and relax.

I'm a work in progress! I'm trying to be aware and intentional with all I do. Cutting out things that don't have eternal purpose.


Amy said...

Just know that you are not alone. I struggle with those things too!

Angela said...

There are so many things that don't really matter that I spend so much of my time on. This is a good reminder..

Melissa said...

I so struggle with those things! I think we all do to some extent. I heard a speaker say last week that if we only knew how incredibly loved we are, we would live so much more free. Love that and love your previous post on sin. I did all of those in the past five minutes and am thanking the Lord for his gracious forgiveness!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Incredibly encouraging.