Friday, October 31, 2008

My Birth Story

Halloween is always special to me. This is the day I GOT PREGNANT!

We had been dealing with infertility for 4 long years. It was a very painful time in my life. I wanted a baby so badly! We had gone through many tests, many treatments and a failed in-vitro. I was personally devastated, when the in-vitro didn't work. I was DONE and didn't want to try anything more. I was at a place, where I thought I'd never have a baby, so I gave up. Thankfully, my husband talked me into one more try. It took me a few months to agree. I finally gave in. I had a very negative attitude during all of the tests and treatments leading up to our final try of having a baby. This was a defense mechanism for sure. I didn't want to go through the pain of getting my hopes up only to be devastated again. We didn't tell ANYONE we were attempting one final try. The first in-vitro attempt, we told EVERYONE, and it was almost more painful to have to tell everyone who loved us and was praying for us, that it didn't work.

So, on Halloween day, 1997 we had our final shot. We both knew if this didn't work, we would be done. Financially and emotionally, we had to be done.

I left it all in God's hands, and I really did feel peace. I had come to terms with the fact that maybe a baby, was not in our future, for a reason. I trusted God and told Him I would praise Him no matter what. I think that was the KEY! Up until that point, I begged, worried, cried, and refused to totally give it all over to God. I was finally at a point, where I knew this was it, and God knew what was best for us.

Two weeks later, it was a Friday-opening day for hunting season. I was working as an RN at the hospital and had to work the whole weekend. We had a Dr.'s appointment that Friday. My husband said he would not go up to his sister's house for opening hunting season that weekend so he could go to the Dr.'s appointment with me. But, I told him "Why bother- I won't be pregnant anyway, and I have to work all weekend, so just go and have fun." I went to the Dr.'s appointment alone, KNOWING I was not pregnant. I had started to feel period type cramps a few days before, signaling to me that my period was coming. This was a sign I knew too well, after all those years of infertility. I knew I wasn't pregnant.

The Dr. wanted me to go for a blood test to see if I was pregnant. He said he needed to know, so I could go off of the Progesterone I was on. He told me to call the lab later, after 5 p.m. for the results to see if I was pregnant. All along, I had a bad and negative attitude. KNOWING I wasn't pregnant. I almost didn't even bother to go to the lab....why bother! I went anyway.

I had to be to work at 7 p.m. The old me, the anxious me, would have called the lab at 5 sharp to get my lab results. But this new me, didn't bother....I didn't call until almost 9 p.m. that night. I was sitting at the nurse's station and decided I might as well call to get the negative results, so I could move on with life.

I called....waited.....the lab lady on the phone said, "You are pregnant". WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was in SHOCK! I made her repeat it...then I hung up and called back (and got someone different) and got the same results...I'M PREGNANT! I'm sitting at the nurses shock.....with my jaw open. I finally jumped up from my chair and ran to my friend and fellow nurse and jumped on her, and screamed "I'm pregnant" WOW.

I called my husband up at his sister's house....he was asleep. (Hunters go to sleep early, so they can get up at the crack o' dawn to hunt) and I told him WE ARE PREGNANT! He was so happy but said he knew all along it would work this time. (He is so positive.)

Here I am...the happiest day of my entire life...and I'm at WORK ..for the whole weekend....working 7 p.m.-7 a.m. for 3 shifts in a row....with my husband out of town all weekend...but I still celebrated and thanked God for an amazing gift.

Two weeks later..we had an ultrasound..and found out we were having TWINS!

More of the story later.


Amy said...

Oh I just loved reading your story! I can't wait to hear more :-)

Angela said...

That is awesome! I know it made it that much sweeter because it took so long!(although not as long as Sarah and Abraham). I just watched "Facing the Giants" last week and the lead character's wife had years of infertility. It was heartbreaking but so joyful when she finally conceived! Yay, looking forward to Part 2!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving such an encouraging comment! You've hooked me here with your story; I want to know how this all turns out. Have a great week ahead.