Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm a Rebel

I'm a rebel. I don't mean to be ...I just am.

I think people will gasp when they read the list of things I've never done- I'm almost anti-American.

1. I've never had coffee ..and don't plan to at this point in my life. I'd probably like it with all the fancy creamers, but why start now?

2. I've never watched LOST (this show seems to have a huge number of fans-I'd maybe like it, I just don't want to get sucked in-so I never started watching. I'm a bit curious about the hoopla.)

3. I've never watched The Bachelor. (Again...anti-American-it seems everyone watches this) I thought the idea of it was dorky so I never started to watch......again, to not get sucked in.

4. I hate Sushi (blah)

5. I've never watched 24. Again, huge fan base-I always have Bible study the night it is on, so I never could watch.

6. I really don't like TV all that much....I'm sort of ADD with TV. Too many other things to do. I barely can sit and watch a movie with my husband. My mind wanders and I miss half of the movie. Every so often, I enjoy one, but rarely. ( I do love the Jason Bourne movies and I focus and pay attention during those. :) )

7. I don't really like meat. I eat chicken and turkey a lot, but I'm not into red meat. Steak sort of grosses me out. Sometimes I'm in the mood for it, but not very often.

8. This one will shock America. I don't really like to shop. GASP! If I have a purpose, a need, I go and get exactly what I need, maybe browse quickly, but that is the extent of it. I NEVER just go to the mall and wander....I always have to have a purpose and goal. I go right in, get what I need and GET OUT.

9. Now...BOOKS....I could browse and shop for books for HOURS. (And I do.)

10. kids have no clue who popular teen stars are.....and we are trying to keep it that way. They have never even heard of Brittney Spears (she isn't a teen-I realize), they don't watch Hannah Montana, I don't even know who to mention in this post because we just don't watch those types of shows.....they do know who Lassie is, Laura Ingalls, and Tom and Jerry :)

I have my own addictions. Diet Coke, pasta, reading, exercise, Peanut M&Ms, Chinese Food......

To add to the random blabbing- my kids (age 10) are getting baptized at church on Sunday night. I'm so excited for them. They asked to be, after hearing a sermon on the book of Acts. It sparked great conversation. We took them to baptism classes at church so they would learn the reasons why you should get baptized, what it means, and what it doesn't mean. They prepared their testimonies and spoke privately with the pastor. They are ready. We feel they fully understand and it is of their own choice- so they are ready! I'm praying that this will be a special thing between them and Jesus. I pray they will feel His presence.


Traci said...

I have never watched any of those shows either.........but we did just get done watching American Idol! :)

That is great about Brooklyn and Braden getting baptized. Keiton and Cora just did a confession of faith class and joined the church a few weeks ago. Isn't it a blessing?

BTW, love your blog!

Angela said...

Cool are better off without all the tv..although I do love me some Lost! I hated coffee at first, but now I can't get enough, And all the flavored creamers do make it better! I am happy for the twins! What a neat time for your family! Hope you are well, enjoying some peanut m&m's!


Amy said...

I don't watch any of those shows either except for Lost. That is a MUST see around here!!

I am so excited for the kids!! What a special time!!!

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