Friday, March 13, 2009

The Truth Project

Every Tuesday our family gets together with 4 other families from church to have a meal and then the adults participate in Focus on the Family's THE TRUTH PROJECT.

Each week each family trades off bringing a part of the meal. This week we had "breakfast night" and our family brought the main dish (egg bakes) and the 4 other families brought drinks, side dishes, and dessert.

We have 12 kids between all of us, and I love that kids are welcome and can see their parents praying together and doing a Bible study together.

We all eat dinner and then the kids go downstairs to play and we have 2 girls from our church that come each week and eat with us and then they babysit all of the kids.

We share prayer requests, pray, then we watch The Truth Project DVD for that week. There are 14 weeks total, we are on week 6. This is an OUTSTANDING study. They are about an hour long. After we watch, we discuss what we just learned. We always have such great conversations. Our family looks forward to this night each week. It is so great to spend time with other people who are like minded and learn together.

To learn more about The Truth Project, you can go to Focus on the Family's website at enter The Truth Project in the search bar.

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