Wednesday, March 25, 2009

These are the Days!

Wow parenting isn't for wimps!

Being a stay at home mom and homeschooling mom can kick your buns some days. I feel like I talk talk talk talk all day long.....

Braden please don't sing opera at 7 a.m.

Brooklyn please stop bugging the cat.

Stay on task.

Get your work done.

Is your math done?

Go outside and play.

Yes, you can have a snack.

On and on and on it goes......sometimes by the time my husband comes home from work at night, I'm so talked out I just feel like going straight to bed and staring up at the ceiling with a blank stare....and I don't want to chat. :)

In the mornings, I need a few minutes of quiet before my crazy begins.....the kids don't see it that way, they like to start the morning by jumping right in, being LOUD, slurping their Cheerios, and SINGING OPERA. It takes a lot of willpower for me to just be calm, count to ten (or twenty) and just ask them to be quiet for a little while.

Right now my kids are playing with a balloon in the hallway, being loud, diving, laughing........I'm thankful they are healthy and can play and that they have energy. I suppose in a few short years I'll have a house full of quiet, when they are gone and moving on with their lives. I'll be thankful for the noise while I have it.


Amy said...

Ahhhhhh yes I am right there with ya :-)

My kids are LOUD too. Especially the little one. Man is he loud!! Time he wakes up his mouth starts running.

It drives me bonkers some days but I know one day when they are gone I will miss it so I try to cherish each moment. Even the ones that drive me crazy lol

Traci said...

I know how hard that is.... I love my peace and quiet!! By the afternoon I want to change my name from mom to avoid any more questions!!

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