Friday, February 13, 2009

Party Prep

My daughter and I have been very busy over the last few days. We have been planning a nice Valentine dinner for my husband and son for tonight.
It all started with homemade invitations.
We gave these to my husband and son on Wednesday so they could prepare their schedules for the party on Friday night.

Yesterday Brooklyn made place mats and table decorations.We planned our menu. Brooklyn chose baked white fish with lemon, homemade macaroni and cheese, cheese biscuits and heart shaped brownies and ice cream for desert.

Next we cleaned the house. (Braden got in on the action)
Next Brooklyn and I went to the store and purchased all of our items for dinner. Then we baked the brownies and set the table.
Now we just have to wait until my husband gets home from work and we will serve the boys a nice Valentine's dinner. My daughter has loved planning this all by herself. I hope it teaches her to enjoy serving others. I want our home to be filled with happy memories. It is a lot of extra work for a busy homeschooling mother, but it is so worth it.


HAT said...

That's so sweet to have a special boys' dinner for valentines. Good idea!
The brownies look delicious! :) Have fun!

Amy said...

Everything turned out great!! Love the heart brownies. I know the guys enjoyed their special meal!!

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