Monday, February 2, 2009

Bad Economy Doesn't Have to Mean Bad Hair!

Times are tough for people, especially those in Michigan (where I live.) My husband is one of the bosses at his company and this year they had to lay people off for the first time ever. We are not sure what this next year may bring, so we are in conservation mode at our home in terms of finances. We are just being very careful and thinking before we spend. We would rather have money in the bank than "stuff".

Being the Proverbs 31 woman that I strive to be :) I'm doing my part. I usually get my hair cut every 5 weeks-so I changed that to every 8. I go to a really nice place to get my hair cut, I think my hair girl, Kathy does a great job. I'm willing to go cheaper, but feel since I changed to every 8, I'm already saving money. I used to get my hair colored every 8 weeks-but decided I could save a bunch of money and do it myself. (eeeek) My hair lady tried really hard to change my mind on this. She said she had never seen any one's hair look right, after they did it on their own, plus it is always dry and frizzy. (Scare tactics.) This decision saves me $40 every 8 weeks. I think that is a wise move.

I hit the store and studied my options. I decided on Clairol Natural Instincts. 20-B Cinnamon Stick. This color seemed close to the color Kathy used on me. It was normally$9.50, on sale for $5.50 and I had a $3.00 coupon. So for 2 bucks I could have hair color????? That seems like a no brainer. It was really easy to use and I think the color looks great. It is really even and shiny and my hair feels really soft. I can't tell a difference. I'm feeling quite proud of my frugal-ness!

Next I decided the very expensive vitamins have to go. We are big into vitamins at our house. My husband, the kids and I take them every single day. We spent big bucks on good vitamins (because our Dr. encouraged us to buy the expensive kind-that you can only purchase from a Dr.'s office). you think this is a ploy? We spent about $100 to get all of our vitamins and they do last about 2-3 months, but still.....

The store I shop at had a "Buy one get one free" deal on good vitamins. I went for it. I spent $30 instead of $100. That seems like a deal to me. We will see if we notice much of a difference, but how can you really tell the expensive vitamins verses the cheaper brands?

I really want your opinions on if more expensive is always better? I'm starting to wonder. I've purchased salon brand shampoos that are SOOO EXPENSIVE before and don't really see much of a difference from good old Pantene products.

Something to ponder....but for now, I'm feeling happy I have good hair in a bad economy and extra money in savings because I made a few small changes. For the record, I'm never willing to give up my Diet Coke for a cheap version. I draw the line right there!


Amy said...

We too are trying to save as much as we can. Things are good right now, but I feel they could change quickly considering what my husband does (builds custom kitchen cabinets) People just aren't building houses like they were.

For now they have tons of work...more then they can keep up with. I praise God for that!!! I just don't know what it will be like a few months down the road. I do know that God will take care of us no matter what happens!!

We are trying to save as much as we can in case we need some money to fall back on. We think twice before buying anything right now.

Renee said...

Don't skimp on your vitamins! Try to see if you can get them there. Also, the University Compounding center in East Lansing might be able to give you cheaper versions. There ARE cheaper versions, you just want pharmaceudical grade ones. LOTS at Vitacost...let me know what you find.
I do know what you mean...i am having to be picky with my organic stuff...grrrr!
This is so fun catching up with you;)

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