Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Need an Energy Drink STAT!

I'm popping in to quickly update on the chaos of our lives- (like that cotton commercial...the touch...the feel of cotton-the fabric of our lives) this is THE CHAOS OF OUR LIVES......

It is all my fault.

I'm exhausted this week-the kids are back from camp (love having them home) however, WOW....the peace ends the MOMENT they step foot into the car for the drive home. GONE...forever...until next more peace and quiet, long days reading on my hammock.

This week is VBS week- so that means UP AND OUT early-we stop and pick up our car load of friends and hit the road in the VBS express.

I finally finished the 8 million loads of dirty camp clothes. Socks that will never again be white, towels that smelled like death, tennis shoes that scare me and should be incinerated for the safety of the earth and all of man kind.

The puppy is a blast-but I'm exhausted. He is doing GREAT in his kennel at night, no more crying unless he has to go potty. He is so fun, but it is like having a baby in the house again. I can't sit down for 5 minutes without needing to get up to pry something (like the couch) from his mouth. I am OCD about taking him potty so he does not go on my carpet. We took him to the Vet Monday and all is well. We named him Dakota. :) He is my buddy. He follows my everywhere and lays at my feet.

Life is good! There is no "break" in summer- but oh well!


HAT said...

Yay! I love the name Dakota. :) And, of course, your nursing terms. :) Have a great week, busy though it may be!

Amy said...

I like the name Dakota! Right after we got married we got a dog and we named him Dakota. It ended up getting shorted to Cody.

Melissa said...

My kids are at camp this week and it is crazy to have no contact! Love the puppy. Our first dog looked just like him. We named him Samson. He grew to be 130 lbs. I'm just sayin. :)

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