Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Whole Week All To Myself

This is my son waving goodbye from the bus!!!

This morning we sent our kids off to church camp for a whole week. They look so forward to it all year! Many of their friends from church are going and they always meet a lot of new friends.

It is EXHAUSTING preparing two kids for a whole week away....the lectures never end. I even crammed in a few in the car on the way to church where the camp bus picks them up. Moms try hard to sneak lectures in between conversations. That way we don't sound so bossy, yet we get our instructions in. I am well aware that every single thing I said goes in one ear and out the other, once they step foot on camp ground.

Don't forget to use bug spray. I sure hope you guys have a great time.

Don't put your wet towels in your suitcase with all of your clean clothes. I'm really going to miss you guys.

Oh......and don't forget to brush your teeth. Won't it be fun to sleep in your sleeping bags?

Be nice.

Have fun. Change your underwear!

Oh.....and pay attention during chapel.

Wear sunscreen.

Write me.

And then they are off........my precious kids driving off in a bus on a five hour journey to camp. I always get a little teary. And then I remember......

A whole week to MYSELF..........no little people, no messes.

I ADORE my kids, but we are together 24/7....every minute of every single day. All day-every day....and they are probably excited to have a little break from me.

They will have a week of FUN and learning more about God, and eating smores, and fishing, playing, getting dirty, not brushing their teeth, throwing clothes all over the cabin......

And me, I'll be enjoying long workouts at the Y, reading a stack of books, taking a nap, catching up on Email, having a date or two with my husband, or just doing NOTHING!!!!!! My laundry will be cut in half, food will stay in the fridge longer than 5 minutes, and I can clean the house and it will STAY THAT WAY.
Last year when they went I had a million plans, scheduled myself too much, and was an over-achiever. This year.....NO WAY- I've got no plans and I'm keeping it that way. I need REST. I want to use this time so I'm a better mom when my kids return. I fervently pray for them daily, for their safety and for God to grow their knowledge of Him during this time at camp. I pray for me to grow in patience, wisdom, and love so I can be the best mom I can be.
Now...I need to go, I have an appointment with my couch, a book, and some major CHILLaxin!


Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

What a blessing for you.....I am sending all 4 of mine to camp on the 22nd....however, as a youth worker, I'll be with them and 32 other kids from our church as surrogate mommy! SOMEDAY I may be able to send them all away at once *never happened yet in 18+ years, but until then, I'll treasure the time and the idea that they actually like me to come along....

Amy said...

Oh wow, how nice for you and the kiddos. Enjoy your time!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I have only experienced that once in my life and it was HEAVENLY! My husband and I ate out, went to movies, had guacamole for dinner. I scrapbooked, napped, read a billion books and had control of the tv remote.

And I missed my kids like crazy!

Enjoy! I hope your break is refreshing!

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